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membership benefits

CICMD Members support our mission with new interdisciplinary collaborations, helping to strengthen research, increasing our impact and helping us secure funding. Membership is open to all UF faculty and their trainees.

CICMD Membership Benefits Include:

  • Travel Awards: The CICMD provides travel awards for students and postdoctoral fellows presenting their research at scientific meetings. The CICMD will provide a maximum of $650 per award and anticipates supporting 6-8 awards per year. To be eligible, applicants must be a CICMD member and the lead author on the research that is to be presented. Applications for travel awards are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Those interested in applying for a travel award should email an abstract detailing the research, a web link to the conference/meeting, and a copy of their curriculum vitae to .
  • Assistance with Research Related  Costs.
  • The CICMD  will offer help to offset publications costs if there is  acknowledgment to the center.
  • The CICMD will offer financial assistance to offset expenses that support access to data and computational resources as needed. Through a proposal, the division supports access to a variety of general datasets commonly employed in observational research.For more information contact us at:
  • Participation in our Workshop on Fellowships in Cardiometabolic Research. To promote training and career development in grantsmanship, the CICMD conducts an annual Workshop on Fellowships in Cardiometabolic Research. The workshop is for students and postdoctoral fellows interested in obtaining training in cardiometabolic research in the form of predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships supported by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, The American Heart Association, The Obesity Society, and the American Diabetes Association.  The workshop provides examples of previously successful applications and guidance on crafting the proposal, including feedback from a mock study section.  For details on how to enroll in the workshop please e-mail: 
  •  Portals to potential collaborators and consultation on various aspects of extramural funding. To assist faculty members in pursuit of collaborations and funding, the CICMD offers portals to potential collaborators and consultation on various aspects of extramural funding: