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Center for Integrative Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease (CICMD)

Welcome to The Center for Integrative Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease (CICMD). Our mission is to characterize the etiology and promote prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic disease.

Leaders of the CICMD

A premise of the CICMD is that collaboration among researchers working in different areas promote novel discoveries that help to understand, prevent or reverse cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, such as hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and kidney disease   Accordingly, the CICMD is truly multidisciplinary and represents basic, clinical and population scientists working on diverse aspects of cardiometabolic disease.  The goal is to provide infrastructure and support that foster professional interaction, innovation and discovery.  Towards this end, center-related activities focus on mentorship and training, cross-disciplinary collaboration and translation research.


Michelle L Gumz

Michelle L Gumz Ph.D.

Department: Department of Physiology and Aging
Phone: (352) 273-6887
Steven M Smith

Steven M Smith PharmD, MPH, FCCP, FAHA

Assistant Professor; Interim Chair Of Pharmaceutical Outcomes And Policy; Co-Director Of The Center For Integrative Cardiovascular And Metabolic Disease
Department: Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
Phone: (352) 273-5134

Associate Directors

Michelle Cardel

Michelle Cardel

Assistant Professor


(352) 273-8811