CICMD Trainees win prestigious awards at the Experimental Biology Conference. Philadelphia, April 2022.

Arashdeep Singh (Mentor Guillaume De Lartigue,Ph.D.

Congratulations to CICMD postdoc trainee Dr. Arashdeep Singh who was selected as the recipient of the 2022 Steven M. Horvath Professional Opportunity Award by the American Physiological Society (APS) Central Nervous System Section. The Horvath Award is given to the top-ranked Research Recognition Award applicant (graduate student or postdoctoral fellow) from an underrepresented racial/ethnic minority. This award provides funds for junior physiologists to attend and participate fully in the 2022 Experimental Biology meeting in Philadelphia, USA. Dr. Singh’s work unravels mechanisms underlying molecular and metabolic disruption in a novel mouse model of Bardet Biedl Syndrome (BBS). He ingeniously uses immune profiling of body fat cells and brain hypothalamic RNA sequencing to dissociate dysregulated fat and gut-brain circuits, predict novel therapeutic targets, and subsequently validate their effectiveness in treating this currently intractable disease. Dr. Singh is a senior postdoc in Dr. Will de Lartigue’s lab at the University of Florida and has a long-term goal of becoming a professor at an R1 university studying the role of genetics and nutrients in energy balance regulation.


Caitlin Baumer (Advisor Dr. Annette de Kloet) won the NCARnation Trainee Presentation Award.  Presentation title: Investigation of selective vagal afferents subserving baroreflex function and blood pressure control: implications for understanding and alleviating hypertension.


Hannah Costello (Mentor: Dr.Michelle Gumz won the Research Recognition Award from the APS Renal section.

Hannha award EB 2022

Dr. Khalid El Saafien gave a well attended  invited talk at EB 2022: Identification of Novel Cross-Talk between the Neuroendocrine and Autonomic Stress Axes Controlling Blood Pressure