CICMD Members paper Published in the Journal of neuroscience

Khalid Elsaafien;Matthew K. Kirchner;Mazher Mohammed;Sophia A. Eikenberry;Chloe West;Karen A. Scott;Annette D. de Kloet;Javier E. Stern;Eric G. Krause.

Identification of Novel Cross-Talk between the Neuroendocrine and Autonomic Stress Axes Controlling Blood Pressure

SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT┬áThe survival of an organism is dependent on meeting the energetic demands imposed by stressors. This critical function is accomplished by the CNS’s ability to orchestrate simultaneous activities of neurosecretory and autonomic axes. Here, we unveil a novel signaling mechanism within the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus that links excitation of neurons producing corticotropin-releasing-hormone with excitation of neurons controlling sympathetic nervous system activity and blood pressure. The implication is that chronic stress exposure may promote cardiometabolic disease by dysregulating the interneuronal cross-talk revealed by our experiments.

Journal of Neuro